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Most Popular Policies of L & T General Insurance

  • L&T Health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    This family floater health plan boasts attractive benefits and useful features that any member of the family included in the coverage can avail.
    Key benefits of Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    • Personal case manager is available in specified cities
    • Sum insured can be reinstated
    • Lifetime renewal option is available.
    • No sub-limits applicable
    • Free health check-up every alternate year
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  • L&T Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    This health insurance cover can be availed both as an individual or family floater plan.
    Key benefits of Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    • Lifelong renewal option available
    • No co-pay up to 80 years
    • Coverage available for domiciliary treatment and day care processes
    • Rs. 1,000 on offer for medical check-ups in every two years
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  • L&T Private Car Package Policy
    This comprehensive plan offers complete protection to the car of the policyholders.
    Key features of Private Car Package Policy
    • Availability of personal accident cover for up to 5 passengers
    • Optional coverage available for Non-electrical accessories
    • Music system and the air conditioner can be covered by paying extra premium
    • Personal accident coverage of Rs 2 lakh available for car-owner
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  • L&T Premium Home Insurance Plan
    This home insurance policy aims to cover contents of the house as well as the structure.
    Key features of Premium Home Insurance Plan
    • Coverage against terrorism available
    • availability of unique covers Wallet Protection, Purchase Protection
    • 27 covers available in total
    • 2 compulsory and 25 optional covers available
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L&T My Health Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents are so unpredictable that you never know when it will take place in your life. A major accident even seizes your life or ability to work. However you should be prepared for such a condition so that your family can retain the quality of life in a circumstance like that.

Policy Benefits

L&T My Health Personal Accident Insurance policy is a product which is featured with several benefits.

  • The lump sum is compensated to the family of the policyholder for a death or disablement caused by an accident. The amount is provided within 12 months from the date of accident.
  • After every renewal you will get benefitted with the upsurge of 5% of your insured sum. If you do not claim in a year, your insured sum can be accumulated up to 50%.

Added Benefits

  • In case of any physical loss or partial or total disablement, the educational costs of the dependent children are provided by the insurer. For one child, up to 12,500 rupees is covered and up to 25,000 rupees is payable for more than one children. But age of the children should be within 23 years.
  • If any accident causes the loss of employment due to total or partial disablement, the financial support of 15,000 rupees or 1% of the insured sum is provided.
  • Expenses for transportation after a physical loss are covered by the insurer up to 2500 rupees or 1% of the insured sum.
  • Ambulance charges are also payable and you can be compensated with 1000 rupees in case of any need for ambulance transportation.

These additional benefits are obtainable without bearing any extra premium charge.

Policy Features

  • You can go for a period of policy as per your choice. That is because you have options to choose policy duration of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.
  • Family plan is available which includes the lawful partner and dependent children. The sum insured for the partner and children is limited within 50 % and 25 % of the total insured sum respectively.
  • Any person of 5 to 70 years of age can be insured under L&T My health Accident Insurance policy.
  • You can opt for a premium rate as per the period of cover.

Period of Cover

Annual premium rate (in percentage)

1 month


2 months


3 months


6 months


More than 6 months, up to 1 year

Total annual premium

Policy coverage

L&T My Health Personal Accident Insurance is a product intended to compensate the insured persons family due to physical loss or loss of limbs or eyes caused by an accident. You can select coverage from various options at the time of making policy.

Incident/s under coverage

Only accidental death


Death of permanent total disablement


Death or permanent partial or total disablement


Death or permanent partial or total disability or temporary total disability


Policy Exclusions

Existing disability before making policy

Not covered

Suicide attempt

Not covered

Accident caused by alcohol or drug

Not covered

Breach of law

Not covered


Not covered