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Most Popular Policies of L & T General Insurance

  • L&T Health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    This family floater health plan boasts attractive benefits and useful features that any member of the family included in the coverage can avail.
    Key benefits of Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    • Personal case manager is available in specified cities
    • Sum insured can be reinstated
    • Lifetime renewal option is available.
    • No sub-limits applicable
    • Free health check-up every alternate year
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  • L&T Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    This health insurance cover can be availed both as an individual or family floater plan.
    Key benefits of Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    • Lifelong renewal option available
    • No co-pay up to 80 years
    • Coverage available for domiciliary treatment and day care processes
    • Rs. 1,000 on offer for medical check-ups in every two years
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  • L&T Private Car Package Policy
    This comprehensive plan offers complete protection to the car of the policyholders.
    Key features of Private Car Package Policy
    • Availability of personal accident cover for up to 5 passengers
    • Optional coverage available for Non-electrical accessories
    • Music system and the air conditioner can be covered by paying extra premium
    • Personal accident coverage of Rs 2 lakh available for car-owner
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  • L&T Premium Home Insurance Plan
    This home insurance policy aims to cover contents of the house as well as the structure.
    Key features of Premium Home Insurance Plan
    • Coverage against terrorism available
    • availability of unique covers Wallet Protection, Purchase Protection
    • 27 covers available in total
    • 2 compulsory and 25 optional covers available
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My Jeevika Commercial Vehicle Policy

Insurance is designed to transform the uncertainties of your life into certainty. Every area of your standard life should be insured so that you can sustain the standard of living. As commercial vehicles are means to earning, you should insure the vehicles with an insurance policy as per your choice.

My Jeevika Commercial Vehicle policy is an insurance policy to provide you complete solutions in keeping your commercial vehicles insured against damage so that you can retain an unworried business.

Coverage of policy

  • The commercial vehicles are of two types, goods carrying like trucks, tempos and passenger carrying vehicles like buses, vans, taxis etc. This policy covers any loss or damage of your business vehicles due to the below mentioned occurrence.
  1. 1. An accident by external means
  2. 2. Burglary or theft of your vehicle
  3. 3. Terrorism, strikes, riots or any malicious acts
  4. 4. Fire, explosion, lightning, self-ignition
  5. 5. Convey of your vehicle by rail, road, air or inland waterways
  6. 6. Natural disasters like flood, landslide, earth quake etc.
  • In any case, if your vehicle is involved with any physical loss or damage of vehicle of third party, then the party can claim for compensation against you. This policy is liable to pay the compensation amount.
  • Personal accident cover is also available in this policy. The insured amount is payable due to death or permanent total disability due to an accident.

Covers as additional benefits in the policy

Additional benefits


Loss or damage of electrical and non-electrical accessories


Personal accident coverage for yourself and unnamed passengers


Legal liability for the employees like driver, conductor or cleaner


Get discounts on premium by following few things

  • With a claim free year, you have option to get no claim bonus. The amount of this bonus will be accumulated over time.
  • Option for a higher voluntary excess is there for you to choose from.
  • If you have membership of any approved automobile association, then you are eligible for discount.
  • With the installation procedure of an anti-theft device within your commercial vehicle, you would be eligible for discounts in premiums.

Excluded things from the coverage of policy

Few things are there, that you should abide by before going for purchasing My Jeevika Commercial Vehicle Policy. Those are the terms of exclusions of this policy. Take a look upon the following events which are not under coverage of this policy.

  • Substantial loss or devaluation of the vehicles.
  • Use of the vehicles for any purpose which is beyond of limitation of its use.
  • Claim is not payable by the insurer if the driver is driving without the valid driving license during the occurrence of accident.
  • If the driver is under influence of drug, alcohol or intoxicants at the time of accident, claim is not allowed.
  • Vehicles cannot be used beyond of the geographical boundary of India. So happening of accident in such a condition is not covered.
  • Insurer is not liable to pay for loss or damage due to attempt to burglary until the vehicle itself is not stolen.