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Most Popular Policies of L & T General Insurance

  • L&T Health Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    This family floater health plan boasts attractive benefits and useful features that any member of the family included in the coverage can avail.
    Key benefits of Medisure Prime Insurance Plan
    • Personal case manager is available in specified cities
    • Sum insured can be reinstated
    • Lifetime renewal option is available.
    • No sub-limits applicable
    • Free health check-up every alternate year
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  • L&T Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    This health insurance cover can be availed both as an individual or family floater plan.
    Key benefits of Medisure Plus Insurance Plan
    • Lifelong renewal option available
    • No co-pay up to 80 years
    • Coverage available for domiciliary treatment and day care processes
    • Rs. 1,000 on offer for medical check-ups in every two years
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  • L&T Private Car Package Policy
    This comprehensive plan offers complete protection to the car of the policyholders.
    Key features of Private Car Package Policy
    • Availability of personal accident cover for up to 5 passengers
    • Optional coverage available for Non-electrical accessories
    • Music system and the air conditioner can be covered by paying extra premium
    • Personal accident coverage of Rs 2 lakh available for car-owner
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  • L&T Premium Home Insurance Plan
    This home insurance policy aims to cover contents of the house as well as the structure.
    Key features of Premium Home Insurance Plan
    • Coverage against terrorism available
    • availability of unique covers Wallet Protection, Purchase Protection
    • 27 covers available in total
    • 2 compulsory and 25 optional covers available
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L&T My Asset Private Car Package Policy

Motor insurance has been made the mandatory one by law, for the car owners. Therefore you should go for the best insurance solution to provide proper protection of your car. L&T My Asset Private Car Package Policy comes to the market with wide array of options to choose from.

Policy coverage

You can find different areas of coverage under the terms of this policy. Take a look upon them and select the policy to keep your asset protected.



Accident by external means


Burglary or theft of the vehicle


Terrorist attacks, strikes, riots, malicious acts


Harm of vehicle due to earth quake, flood, landslide or storm


Damage of car through fire, explosion, lightning, self-ignition


Claim done by third party in case of his/her injury or property damage


Various options for coverage are obtainable in this policy, so you will get benefitted with the amount of coverage if these incidents will take place. Of course the coverage amount will depend on the coverage that you opt for.

In case of property damage of third party, the maximum payable amount is 750,000 rupees. On the other, in case of accidental death or total disability, the amount of 200,000 rupees will be provided to the insured person.

Optional benefits of policy

  • Air conditioner, music system, these are the car accessories that are used in most of the cars. Damage of these accessories is covered under this policy. The payable coverage amount will depend on your chosen coverage amount.
  • For any loss or damage of non-electrical accessories like alloy wheels, seat covers, you will get coverage.
  • You can go for purchasing a personal accident cover for yourself and your passengers and up to 5 persons are allowed to be covered under a policy. Maximum amount of coverage for a single person is 200,000.
  • As the driver is your employee, any accident incurred by him, is your liability. So it is better to choose an additional cover for the legal liabilities.

Check the exclusions prior to purchase a policy

  • The insurance policy for your car is valid within India only. If you need, you can add the coverage with geographical extension.
  • Valid driving license is the must have object while driving car. If any accident takes place without having a valid driving license, the liability for accident will not be accepted by the insurer.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug is an offence. If any accident takes place under such an influence, the liability for any damage will not be covered by the insurer.
  • The policy L&T My Asset Private Car Package is only for the personal use. However the policy will not be liable to cover an accident while it is used for various purposes like hire, carriage of goods, speed testing, pace making and organized racing.
  • This policy provides coverage only for the accidents. So, the expenses due to electrical or mechanical breakdown are not under the coverage of the policy.